Energy Efficiency in the World of Lighting

August 22, 2022
Written by:
Lauren Deppe

Energy Efficiency has been a huge topic in all aspects of the economy for the past decade or so. The recent & upward trend in construction is the quest for the net zero energy building, WELL standard, LEED Green Standard, the list goes on. Providing energy efficiency while keeping the aesthetic & output of a building’s lighting can impact the quality of a space tenfold. The goal is to minimize the energy consumption, while maximizing light output. This, in turn, will improve not only an end user’s experience within the space itself, but additionally provide satisfaction to an end user or property manager through long-term energy and cost savings for the space. Many factors can go into this.

LED upgrades are a large factor in energy efficient buildings. The science behind it, supported by this article here, explains that LED technology can offer more effective lumen outputs for all use cases, while still “offering significantly lower cost of ownership (initial cost plus cost of electricity cost) during its life cycle.” In short, LED’s provide more light at less cost, what more could you ask for! 

In addition to LED upgrades, energy efficiency can go a step further with the implementation of automated lighting control systems within a building. Control systems can be as sophisticated or as standard as an end user wants, but the article here explains that automating the lighting control system can improve energy efficiency by up to an estimated 70%. These solutions can be things like occupancy sensors, which will light the room when it senses an occupant; or vacancy sensors, which turn the lights off when it senses the room is vacant. Whichever direction you may want to go, there’s always a way to improve on your energy consumption without sacrificing light output.

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